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  • All proceeds go directly in to the game’s development. The more we raise, the more cool things we can get (such as more 3D artwork) and the sooner the game will be launched.
  • All purchases include a 3 day head start.
  • Delivery of items will occur at game Launch.
  • Accounts begin with four stable slots and two wild horse catches.
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  1. Bindi Wuertenberg

    January 3, 2015 at 3:34 am

    Hiya Nef/Shannon!


    I ordered some things through the VHR 3D store, and made a reoccurring monthly donation. I hope it helps!

    Keeping track of all the new developments!

    Lookin Good!

    Be well!


  2. I’m building by cart. Hope this helps sponsor you !!!

  3. i Am SOOOOO excited i Go my banefactor Pacage i cannot Wait !

    I Hae a question If you want to upgrade the package can i do so?
    Cus i Really Want 100 USD Package

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