Virtual Horse Ranch 3D is a new game inspired off of our 15 year old robust but text based webgame, Virtual Horse Ranch.
In this new game as the old game,  you can breed, buy, sell, stud, train and compete a ranch full of horses. You can start the foundation bloodlines of your ranch by buying another horse, catching one in the wild, or buying foundation pairs.
Soon, with your support, we will have ranch building features- where you can place objects to design your own ranch. We also plan on having avatars that you can design to ride your horses, along with your choice of tack. For now, you explore the world, race others, and find wild horses as your horse.

Play For Free and Download the game

Read more about the game and how to play on the wiki

Each breed is unique in appearance and we do our best to have realistic procedural generated colors and coat patterns based on the horse breed and genetics.

The world itself is also procedurally generated, and wild horses spawn where you might expect them to.

My Ranch! There are thousands of different color possibilities and over 100 breeds, and that is just to start with

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