Patch 30 Up

You can read notes about the patch here

I realized while working on the jumping button(space key) last minute that – oh! – we didn’t have the rider animation! Anyhow that is now resolved and I will have that in as a priority fix, along with a “halt” key. The performance of these will likely depend on your horse’s stats.

It’s been a heck of a last two weeks. Stupid bots have been attacking our login here so bad that it takes our entire server down (doesn’t effect in-game). Why try for admin passwords if you can’t because you took the server down? I dunno, sounds like stupid bots if you ask me. It is enabled for the time being but may need to go down if we’re attacked again. If you get a prompt before you can even visit the login page- the user is “vhr” and password is “horses” —This is if you need to get to the log in page here (it will prompt you for it if it requires it). It is not to log in to this site in general. Also, if you need assistance for you can always email me at shannoncusick -at- hotmail dot com meanwhile.

I’m unable to replicate the bug where some people can’t go riding (shows isometric view of map, instead of on horse). To help me solve this problem, please email me .log files from C:\Users\{yourname}\AppData\LocalLow\Orbis Games\Vhorsehorse (output_log.txt) to shannoncusick -at- hotmail dot com.

Our artists at YHWH Games! are working on some really cool stuff… modular building. Yep, create a barn to your own customization and ranch as you wish. It’s coming along very cool and I will share with you some images soon. We also plan on allowing clubs to be able to build their own “zone” for their members, and that will come with many more future features. I’ve attached some images below!

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  1. sometimes i go riding
    but if i still ride and accidentally click o go riding
    in the menu it make the game crash

  2. I was wondering, is there any magic in the game, and if so what kind? (No hate, just been trying to find games that do not have powers)

    • No magic… There are unicorns- but no special powers. Can’t promise you we won’t add something in someday, but that won’t be for a while, thank you for your good question!.

  3. OMG! you still surprise and amaze me! First we get 3d riding and all that amazing stuff and now we get modular building so cool!!!!!

  4. Im getting very mad… I am trying to ride AND IT WILL NOT LET ME. if i go to stable, or any thing. i went to a horses profile and it says: textlable (number ) I am launching with the correct thingy as well

  5. cant login at all.. it just loads and loads and NEVERRRRRRR goes to normal its really annoying IM LOGGING INN WITH THE RIGHT THING.

  6. Kevin Nguyen UH

    May 22, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    this game is amazing when it runs over 10 fps

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