Is VHR3D Free?

Yes, it is free to play forever and no credit card required. There are optional subscriptions and in-game items to buy.


Will this game have any effect on VHR web game?

Not entirely. The added promotions of VHR3D may draw some attention to the original game. You will not be forced to play VHR3D, virtualhorseranch.com will remain as a web game and data will be separate (such as horses, players etc…)


Will the game be available on smart phones?

It will not be optimized for phones initially- we will likely have to build a separate “light weight” app for phones, so they handle the game efficiently.  This may take time, but we expect to have some sort of app available for phones in the future.


Will the game run on slower systems/older computers?

We hope so! We have tested our client so far on some old builds, and it ran good unless we had other programs running (like a screen recorder). Since the game should run in tablets- it should be fine.  However we will also offer the ability to change graphical  settings to accommodate older model computers.


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  1. If you will be looking for folks to work with the Beta this winter, count me in 🙂 I’ll be happy to play it and give any info or feedback that is required! I have plenty of time to spend online.

    Equine Leagcies #292037

  2. Just wondering if VHR3D will run on a chromebook?

  3. Is this still expected to launch in 2015? It says “Spring 2015” but it’s already almost summer in the Northern hemisphere.

  4. Met you at Breyerfest today! Hopefully all the work you guys are putting into this game works out c: I will be downloading this when it’s done. I’m only 13, but I too own my own game. Best of luck!

    P.s. Thank you for being a fellow designer, I’m proud of you also. Keep in touch c;

    • Hey thank you so much for visiting and your good wishes! It was so wonderful to see everyone at the festival. If you are on our mailing list- we’ll let you know as soon as we are out.

  5. Hi! Im from argentina and would like to know if here the game will be available on spring of 2015 too,best of lucks,the game sounds awesome!

  6. Was just wondering, If i purchase a cheaper version of the early access, what happens if I choose to purchase another more expensive early access version of the available packages later on? Will the extras be added to my game or would i simply get a discount on the new purchase? (Example simply taking what i’ve already spent off of the first package and adding the additional/new subscription and additional features to my current package, is what I mean.)


  7. Why don’t you start a kickstarter campaign to raise the money required to finish this project?

  8. So why are we not able to play for free like the old VHR2?? It says my free trial of “Win Zip” is up, which I have never even HAD a free trial to begin with. What a rip off and how sad that the game has gone down hill before it has even started. I understand wanting to market yourself but at least get a big customer base before even doing any of this, sincerely someone who grew up playing and loving VHR2.

    • Hello, You are able to play for free. You can use 7-zip instead of win-zip to extract the zip file, it is open source and always free. Win-zip is windows default extraction program- not ours!

  9. Hey! I’m having a bit of trouble downloading the game. Do you guys have a troubleshooting page?

  10. I’ve downloaded the game but when I try to launch the game it’s says that It might have a risk(I’m on windows by the way) I tried to reinstall the game but it’s always saying the same thing! I really wanted to play the game… What should I do?
    (Sorry about the bad english)

    • Hey there, it might be your firewalls since we are an unknown publisher and it does connect to the internet. You can enable the games in your firewalls/create an exception, or override perhaps when it tells you this error. The game is completely safe, it is built all in house.

  11. Malcolm Newcomb

    February 9, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    My game application isn’t in the files once I unzip. I don’t know what could be causing that?

  12. Hi! This game looks right up my alley but wouldn’t run on my laptop.
    Maybe because it’s 32-bit, single core and can’t do WebGL? It’s a 2006 IBM Thinkpad t43, business class laptop.

    Elisa B.

    • Hey there, you might be able to just play it in 2d form (and not go riding or visit ranch) for the time being. I can advance you in quest once you get to step 6 I think where it says catch a horse, just tell us in chat.
      If you’re having another issue beyond being able to play at all let me know

  13. My brand new windows laptop wont download the game. It appears in my files but it tells me to extract it, so I do. and when I try to open it it says UntilityPlayler.ddl isn’t avalibe please redownload. Ive tried it 3 times now but no luck, Help!

  14. i cant get the game help

  15. hello! how do i get into the game? i don’t know how to work anything but i’m trying to sign in, it tells me that it’s sending. i wait a while and nothing happens. it also tells me that i need a horse to get into the game but i want to start with Bessie the mule. help, please!

  16. My problem is this, I have no clue how to unzip anything. Heck, I don’t even know for sure how to get there on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Everytime i try to get into the game, it gets me bessie, then i try and it ends up not letting me ride, it loads for a second then just stops…. I unzipped the files and did everything.. ( WINDOWS )

    • It also wont let me see any horse when i look at the bessie through the stable thing

      • Hey there, for some reason you are losing connection to the server. Try checking firewalls. Also make sure you are launching with vhorselauncher.exe . Try creating a new account as well, then go back to the one you want to be on.

  18. Hey! I downloaded the game however when I try to start the vhorsepatcher.exe it says the execution can’t happen because Unityplayer.dll wasn’t found. That file was right above vhorsepatcher.exe though. What do I do?

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