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We had a fantastic time! Thank you so much to everyone who came by and visited our booth- we really enjoyed talking with everyone, old fans and new.

For those of you who are visiting us from the festival- be sure to sign up to your mailing list!

Finally I have some photos of our booth and area around our booth here. Unfortunately, all my photos of the horses in the arena across from us turned out blurry.


Festival attendees checking out VHR3D


Your Awesome Game Op “Dragon” (left) – and “Nef” (myself) at the booth!


So many people! Breyerfest sold out quickly, bringing ten thousand people in to Lexington, KY


Viva la France was this year’s theme. These mimes would not make good horse jockeys.


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Day one

Survived our first day at Breyerfest! It has been incredible so far and having a blast talking with everyone at our booth. Gave out some prizes – both Breyers and digital rewards. Our booth is #108 next to Breyer’s. Hopefully my voice holds up.
Taking a breather right now at the Clarion and charging devices…. if you pay close attention to walls, there are clues to find our room. The scene is wild at the hotel now- it is glorius!

Pics coming soon!

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Off to BreyerFest!

Breyerfest 2015
We are off to BreyerFest in Kentucky and we have a Booth at the Marketplace- so be sure to swing by if you are going. We’ll be showing some early action of game play, offering prizes (from Breyers to VHR3D rewards), and more. If you are a VHR web game player, we’ll give you some goodies for VHR!

Over the next few days we will be posting photos and videos of us and activity at the festival… be warned and prepared to possibly see your  favorite and/or most hated Game Mods & myself conducting activities such as riding a mechanical bull. Be sure to follow us on here, Twitter, and Facebook for glory.

Our booth should be adjacent to the official BreyerFest booth at the marketplace- so we shouldn’t be hard to find! However I have received two different responses on where our booth is.. so that information might not be accurate (the other possibility is our booth being near the concessions)

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