Accessing your Early Access Packages

Hello all, thanks again everyone for your support!
I’m providing a step by step guide to Early Access here:

    1. Once you purchase a package that includes early access (any purchase $15 and up) you will get an email titled: “VHR3D Alpha Test-Early Access”. If you do not receive this email with in an hour after purchase, email me at [email protected] and include the email you purchased with. Included in this new email we send you are some more precise instructions below my personalized text.

  • 2. Follow the instructions on the email and download the link provided- if you need a mac app- reply. I ask for this so I can track who is who and make sure things are working (so far, mac app has been working, yay!)
  • 3. Once downloaded and unzipped, launch the .exe file that was named in the email‏
  • 4. Configure the settings to your choosing- so far we just have resolution but keybindings will arrive soon.
  • 5. The game will prompt you to sign up, sign up- with the email that you purchased your package with, if you pick a different email let me know.
  • 6. Once logged in, you will be seen and if you are not contacted in chat- please wait up to 12 hours for your full package of orbs to “test with” and a subscription so you can breed horses.
  • Meanwhile – you can generate up to 50 wild horses and have some fun exploring the game!
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  1. Thank you! I was just waiting for those instructions! 🙂 Cant wait to log into the game – hopefully my pc will do me that HUGE favour….!!! 😉

  2. Will it be possible to breed horses, such as Gaited horses with a Saddlebred to create another Saddlebred.
    eg. Gaited x Saddlebred = Saddlebred

    Because it would be a lot easier to create new bloodlines and improve the horses. Or will they always result in a Gaited or something.

  3. I stumbled across this game after doing research for a future game I had in mind, that’s quite similar. I thought of purchasing your $100 Early Access package, however, after doing research into your available information on the game, I’m questioning the business model upon release.

    Early access games on Steam (which has a very small horse game market) allow the consumer to have access to the full game. Yet, you’re applying the same format that Blizzard used with WoW. Unless you intend to base your income off of online ads, circulated through target sites and search engines; your game would not have longevity on a more formal gaming platform, like Steam. You simply can’t offer people Early Access on a subscription based model- that’s incredibly greedy and unfair to the people who are buying into your product pre-release.

    Thank you for giving me a competitor in the industry, as producing this type of game is exactly what I’ve been waiting for technology to catch up. Good luck.

    • Hello, this game’s development is based on crowd sourcing- We have no funds to build it otherwise. Similar to kickstarter yet ongoing and you get your package now- as well as again at official launch. For the $100 package, essentially you get 100 orbs to “test” with, and a subscription, then when game is officially launched, you get all the package promises. I have details on the last few posts.
      No, we do not intend to have ads on our game! The game, upon beta launch, will be limited free to play, with the option to purchase a subscription for the expanded game. Sorry for the delay on this- I am digging through all the spam to find what my spam filter failed with. Switched to askimet- working better!

  4. Been waiting anxiously for the public release! Any news on when that’ll happen? I know it’s gotta be very soon! Thanks in advance!

  5. In the future, what kind of comps will be added? Will it just be time events or will there be pleasure/hack/driving/hunter o/f classes that is rare to find in Equine simulation games. I am just asking because I see a common set up of competitions in every sim game I have played, it’s all just speed events.

    • As of now, we have several classes- pleasure, driving, gaited events, one type of jumping I think- and a lot more. We will always be adding more as the demand increases for a particular event type. I will have a full list in the next video- thank you! So sorry for the delay in answering, just discovered my spam filter was moving this all to spam!

  6. I paid for Early Access as well as $50 towards a package that included a monthly gift of orbs however I never receive this monthly gift of orbs. Also when will the new patch be released as I am so excited for it and love seeing the changes as the game has progressed since I started playing back in 2014.

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