Progress update!

Hello everyone-
So sorry about lack of communication here. I’m often bad at keeping any form of social media updated, I’ll get back on the ball here now. First off- there were some questions in the comments that I’d like to answer publicly as others might have the same questions.  I just discovered my spam filter was filtering out too much- very sorry about that. Your comments are now visible to the public and responding to them.

When will the game be released publicly?
I really hope August is the month for Beta. Both programmers on this game (myself and John) are working full time jobs right now. Our status should change soon! I have gotten event running to work and added more features/options- will likely distribute a new client to alpha testers pre-beta. 3D world is coming along, horses are starting to behave according to their stats. Going to do the 3d world for viewing and catching wild horses- yay!

Is the game available now on an ipad/tablet?
For early access, you can play on a mac computer or a PC computer- sorry, no tablet versions right now. We don’t have the resources to keep the app stores updated with every new release (While google play makes things simple and free, Apple does not). We will test locally on our devices and hope to have some sort of testing environment for Beta.

If I buy a package on the goal store, I can access the game now?
Yes, anything $15 and above gets you in. I send you an email with instructions, then once you create an account I will set it up with orbs (tokens/special purchases) and a subscription. You will get all this again on official launch.

Can we do a new video?
Yes! I plan on doing two videos very soon- for Steam Greenlight and for a general update. I won’t be able to do an entire scripted scene like the foal being born- we’ve exceeded our animation budget 😉 Don’t worry- there will be plenty of horses moving around doing cool things. Also will show more about the game and core game play.

We can’t wait to get the game out in to beta status. I often find myself playing when I should be developing! Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm. I will be posting more updates next week with pictures, and hope to have that new video update very soon.



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  1. Hi Shannon, great to see everything is going good and the game looks amazing. I was wondering about the Grand Prix package and if I could make payment arrangements. I really want to support this game as much as I can. Won’t let me email you for some reason 🙁

  2. Hey Shannon!

    Really happy to see updates – I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while and can’t wait to see it come to life!

    Just bought a $25 sponsor package and look forward (like really – I’m stuck inside with the kids today) to your e-mail with instructions on how I can access the game now – I understand we get access if we buy a package.

    Best wishes,


    • Did everything work out? Did you get on? I’ll be sending out a survey soon, particularly interested in how catching wild horses went- so try that! You should also have your package to breed horses and such, enjoy!

      • I did get on – I set up a show, caught a wild horse and bred my first little filly (The models are so adorable)! Looking forward to the survey!

  3. Hi! Wonderful job with the game first off and second i bought the beta a few months ago and have not been getting the update emails. Am I doing sonething wrong? Thank you!

  4. Hi Shannon,

    I just purchased a package and am looking forward to your e-mail to play the game!

    So excited!

  5. Bought the sponser package! Looking forward to your email so I can start playing!

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