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John Arras -> Ā  [email protected]

If you would rather call-> 512-291-6975

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  1. Where is the download link to install this on my computer? I can’t find it. I use to play this game a few years ago but forgot my username and it doesn’t give me the option to retrieve it again.

  2. this game seems so cool! do you know when it will be launched? will you make your own character or will you play as the horse? if you can make a character will you be able to choose what she/he looks like? will I have to download it or no? can I see other people on here? this looks so fun! im always searching for horse games and this one looks really fun!!!

    • Hi there, We can’t promise a launch date yet, I hope by summer. Depending on what resources we can pull together- you may create your own human character, other than that, you can play as a selected horse (control it) to go riding. If we do have human avatars at start, you will be able to pick things like hair color/clothing, and possibly face. You will be able to play it as an app for tablet, or on your web browser, or download it, that is your choice. Thank you !

  3. I wanted to ask, how the horses will be aged? (:
    How long is a mare pregnant, how long does it take a foal to grow up etc.? (:

    • Hi there! As far as your active horses in stable- we don’t have anything in cement yet, but we are thinking one day for a foal to be born, so we could base it all on that. Horses in the pasture will not age (and can be swapped out as you wish).

      • Okay thanks! (:
        But one day seems really short! A horse would be thirthy in about a month, right? If you really liked this horse, it would be way too short. Since this is not decided yet; I would love three days – three months, but this is just my opinion. (:

  4. Bindi Wuertenberg

    January 3, 2015 at 3:40 am

    Howdy Folks!

    I encourage all of you that haven’t had a chance yet, to go to the VHR 3D shop and make some purchases! (Sponsorships, barns, wild horse catches, pasture space, and Foundation Horses just to name some!) Add them now while the prices are low šŸ™‚

    ALSO, please make a donation ( reoccurring) if possible. Anything to help get this awesome game off the ground and in motion!

    I’ve placed my early orders… HAVE YOU? šŸ˜‰


  5. Please have this game include satiating horse care simulation and really good storylines such as the PC game Horses!

    • Many many many games include grooming mini-games and the like. We are going to probably stay away from that for now and focus on other things – but you will still need to care for your horses in general. More feedback welcome of course.

  6. Hi shannon-
    So are you saying for any web browser the entire game can be online?! This game seems like the best horse game coming and to be honest- it looks like i might be more addicted than i thought! I love horses and I would really love it if you answer my question. Thank you!

    • Probably not the entire game as the browser won’t be able to handle the 3d world well, as there is a limited cache size. But we should have a client where you can do the stuff you can like in vhr from anywhere.

      • How about chromebook?

        • Looks like you will be able to play the web player version on chromebook, you will need to install a plugin for it. I’ll update with details, thanks!

          • so… what plugin?

          • Ugh- After a quick google search I thought you could download and install the Unity Web Player Plugin (that would work on chrome), but after further research I don’t think that would be possible. Unity has promised to support Chromebook at some time- but they do not at the moment. I do see Unity games on the chromestore though- so I’ll look in to it more.
            Here’s the supported OS & devices that we can technically and (hopefully) easily make clients for – … Although the game consoles (PS,Xbox etc..) are out of the question because of licensing fees to release on those platforms.

  7. i have a few qiestions
    1 i got at first the early accses but them i also got the 45 package that already have the early acces
    2 i cannot find in this email or in my other the paymant accepted for te package
    3 will we be able not only train but feed and take care of are horses/
    4 i think the catch horse can be much more fun if we need not only catch but tame the horse with random chance of catch succses % for each hose
    5 will you make events with prizes i mean not the nomal compatition but the other thing that more rare and you can get rare things hat are hard to obtain like (unicornXD)
    6 will you make items like hardel and things like that to give to are horses?

    Thanks and sorry for many questions

  8. Hello! I saw the video of the horse giving birth, and thought it was so cool! The graphics are amazing, and this game SCREAMS 2016! I was just wondering about a FEW things.
    1. Will we be able to breed different breeds of horses or have to stick to breeding with the same breed? Example: can i breed a arabian and quarter horse or do i have to do arabian arabian?

    2. How long will it take for the horses to give birth and for the foals to grow?

    3. Will we be playing as a person, horse, or both?

    Thanks and please answer i am so curious! šŸ™‚ AND I hope unity will support chrome someday in the future!

    • Thank you!
      1. Yes, you will be able to breed different breeds. A breed like an Arabian x Quarter horse would equal a Quarab, whereas an Arabian and say Belgian, will come out to either a grade sport horse or grade draft horse
      2. Players control time/how a horse ages, it will take one virtual year for a horse to grow up (x amount of turns- could be minutes, or hours- that part is up to you)
      3. Eventually a person šŸ™‚

      • that is so awesome! Thanks for answering my question!! I have one more thing: Will you guys stop at making this game or are you thinking about making it go further by making more animal games like dogs, cats, or something else?
        ps, i love horses a lot, i was just wondering about the other animals cause i was curious šŸ™‚

  9. @Shannon

    OMG Thats awesome! I really hope this will work on chromebooks at one point… šŸ™ That makes me want to cry a little bit because my only computer is a chromebook and I was sooooo sad when i saw i could not get this.. If it was online i could play it, but i cant if it has a download DX I think that maybe someday i will play it though because i think unity wants to support chrome so we will see!

  10. Hello, its me again! I was wondering… when do you think i can get this game on my chromebook? OR, when will it come out as an app so i can get it on my i pad?
    XD ~Hannah

  11. I Tried To Email My Question But I Get The Failed Email For Both Emails Listed Under Contact Us..
    Can You Please Let Me Know If I Buy The 25 Dollar Sponsor Package If I Will Still Be Able To Get In On The Early Access

  12. Hey Shannon! This game has had the same slide for some time now… have you guys been working on it? I have not seen any posts or anything like that :\ I want this game on my i pad and messaged you a LONG time ago telling you that, but i cannot find it on the app store since i dont know what it is called. If it is out, what is it called? If its not out, when will it be out?

  13. hi.. i like the game you are working on. Cant wait for it to come out on browser and stuff.. šŸ™‚

    I like the video of the foal being born.. can you do more like that to give your fans more of a sneek peak?

    Like Hannah, i would also appriciate knowing if it will come out for i pad. šŸ™‚

    Thank you SOOO much!

    Keep your kick on! Dont let anyone horse you around! Lol i have cheesy jokes.

  14. A Horse Lover :p

    June 22, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Hey there, got some questions:

    I am interested in the early packages,

    BUT, can i get them on i pad? or only computer?

    Please answer me šŸ™‚

    A horse lover.

  15. when is beta being released free? You said you would post at the end of august….

  16. Hi! Is there any update on this game? I wanted to pre-order some of the stuff in the store but wanted to make sure this game was, in fact, going to be released. Thanks!

  17. Hello i was wondering how i get into the game to play it?
    I would really appreciate it if you answer my question šŸ™‚

  18. I am really enjoying the game, but I can never seem to get questions/concerns answered. There is currently a bug with eventing. If a horse places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, it will not show up on the horses page that it actually placed that. It will just say the horse was in an event.

    • Hey there- I tried to get you in chat but you have left. We can’t always be looking in chat- for me, sometimes I’m working on the game or day job šŸ™‚ To get our attention you can say my nick in chat “Nefertete” or any of the other ops… PMs will work next update.
      I am aware of the event listing not working- that is actually next on my list (not sure if it has been done yet) and should be done by next patch.
      Thank you very much and glad you are enjoying!

    • Just FYI this is going to be fixed/added to next patch this week- it was a feature not finished yet!

  19. Hello!

    I just wanted to give a shout out to you guys for continuing to develop this game. I remember playing VHR actively 6th grade through High School about 9 years ago. I am so excited about the 3D version and I foresee myself returning!!

  20. I’m so excited that you guys have kept working on this game! It was my favourite with my horse friends while I was a kid. <3 I am back to play as an adult, only I'm having a difficulty downloading this onto my windows? I can not get the game to open, is there something I am missing?

  21. I downloaded for windows and I don’t know what to do in the folder. What does unzip mean?

  22. Hey~~ The game is currently lagging a lot. My orbs disappears all out of nowhere and my purchases doesnt give me anything but take my money/orbs.

    please help me fix this xc

    • Hey there, if the purchase didn’t go through try restarting game and the orbs should show back up. Sometimes purchases aren’t going through while out riding, so before “go riding” please make the purchase
      As far as the lag, can you tell me specs about your computer?

      • I am using a gaming computer (ASUS with windows 10)

        The lag is more about my xp and currency :c I tried closing aso but now ALL orbs are gone :/ I had 100, then they just went down to 50, I thought it was just a little behind and would show up again

        I then made a purchase for 25 orbs (wild catchers) and all was gone.. It’s really frustrating since I just lost everything :/ I really enjoyed the game tho and really hope this can be fixed~~

  23. Hey,what do I have to do after downloading the game?I try to sign in but nothing happens and it says I don’t have a horse so I can’t go riding…what should I do now???

  24. Hey! Iā€™m loving the game, but recently it stopped working?? This morning when I attempted to launch the game, it came up with a few errors, and I proceeded to download the game twice more. When starting the game, the progress bar fills and then just stays there. Iā€™m thinking it may be a server wide thing, but I just want to make sure šŸ™‚

  25. Hi,
    I wanted to download the Mac version but the link simply takes me to an “Error page not found”. Please fix?

  26. Evangeline Clearsky

    March 14, 2019 at 5:08 am

    For some reason when clicking the link to download for Mac, it says “error 404 not found”. I really wanted to play the game (have before, accidentally deleted it while cleaning up files and meant to redownload today)

  27. Hello I would like to know how I can update my game is that I am still in the alpha test 2 and updated it and nothing happens help please :c.

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