Early Access – Last Week!

Hello all!

This week will be the last week the Goal Store offers the Early Access Package for $15 (includes 15 orbs to play with and a 3 month subscription). Any other package or purchase above $15 will include Early Access as well. You will get an email shortly after purchase and can immediately start playing…. just keep in mind it is under construction 😉 You will be able to sneak in before Beta if you purchase other packages after this week- we are just closing the Early Access Package. Why? So you get your full value and don’t purchase a day (for example) before Beta Release

Early Access [digital ] $15.00 USD
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Alpha Test our game! Access the game now while we are developing it. 124/200 Available

We will then be hunkering down on development for the few weeks (hopefully) to wrap up rough edges like event running and the 3D World. See our development plan here. Some of this is already underway- and a new client will soon needed to be downloaded. Hopefully we have the launcher up and running next update, and from then on the game will auto update when you start it up. I hope to have a public beta up with in a month.
Each $ right now helps us get the game out significantly faster and better! So not only do you get to play right away, but we get to continue working on it right away. Win Win Hurrah!

I play too! Here's a horse I bred!

I play too! Here’s a horse I bred!

Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate all the support we can get whether it be telling your friends or joining us for Early Access.


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  1. Robert Stanley

    April 13, 2016 at 3:12 am

    Hi, I remember playing the old VHR2 along time ago. I am so glad that yall are making VHR3. I would like to know more about this game. What all will be new and what is with the Wild Horses that people now get in VHR?

    • Lots of new stuff- an entire new engine (Unity) that works great on multiple platforms. This game is more like VHR- the web game, with graphics and 100x better UI and a 3d world to ride with other people and compete against… many more things in the works. Wild horse catches are random horses that are generated – for the 3d world we plan on having them out in the wild that you can see- but with limited information, and if you have a catch available and you like the horse then you can claim it. Right now, they “catching a wild horse” is a button that generates a random horse- primarily for testing the horse generation aspect. All alpha/early access testers get 50 of these. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Hi Shannon, just purchased early Access with some other packages as well. Excuse the question, but how do I get into the game now? I did get an email, but it doesnt tell me anything how to sign into the game … Advice is appreciated! 🙂

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