Alpha Test v4 Fixes & additions

Again, input has been amazing and we have been able to get more work done in the past few days. Alpha Testers/Early Access people should receive an email with further instructions.

Here’s a list of the newest fixes/additions:

  • You can release horses, and they will now retire at age 30.
  • Many UI fixes- Going between stables, pastures, and search etc.. should be smoother and bring you to the first panel. Closing a horse on search should no longer bring you back to start of list.
  • You shouldn’t have to relog to see new horses purchased in your stable/pasture.
  • Horse search for horses for sale has been fixed. Horse search now brings up 50 results. Still not much now- I suggest narrowing search down.  Forgot to remove studs that were too young, so if searching for studs, you can put age 3 as minimum.
  • You can no longer see unborn foals by looking at offspring.
  • New foal stats have been reworked. It will take many generations and hard training to get them with significant higher base stats. Foals will only receive bonus in stats if  one or both the parents were trained (the green #) to at least 25% of their base stat (the white#).
  • Arab x Saddlebred, Arab X NSH, and Saddlebred x NSH should now result in a National Show Horse foal.

I hope this to be the last update for a few days- unless we need to put in some critical fixes. The next update will be working on Events, and the 3D world additions.

My To Do list for upcoming updates:

  1. Event running, UI rework to big panel, event testing begins.
  2. Music & sound underway
  3. 3D world- horses not being have natural & idle behaviors. Horses perform based on stats, click to change horses/open panel. Change riding speed/spacebar to jump. Horses only load at ranch zone & wild horses found in world elsewhere. Horses get tired based on activity & endurance.
  4. Ranch Panel updated w/ features like naming Ranch & lookin perty.
  5. Ranch Zone- equipped with barn, fences, jumps etc.. (objects currently under construction)
  6. Private Breeds/Colors
  7. Clubs fully functional
  8. Double the amount of markings & patterns for beta.
  9. —Beta Begins—
  10. Marketplace world – ride with other players & share/trade horses.
  11. Get funding for Human Avatar & animations, tack, & implementation.


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  1. Well i still cant buy horses
    2 why afther some horse catching it saies
    you cant serch for more horses?

  2. OMG the progress looks awesome, though I dont have early access I am closely following through and happy for all the updates and such, whishing you still lots of fun (and resourses ;)) on making it better, can’t wait to see it when its done! 🙂

  3. How can one get early access? Any way to make a pledge this late?

  4. Hey, I just bought Early Access and received my email, but I have no way of accessing the game?

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