Alpha Test v3 Client fixes

Added a number of fixes for this release for Alpha/Early Access Testers. You will need to check your email again and delete old game, and download new one to get the fixes. Sorry about the inconvenience- we will have a launcher soon that will do this for you automatically.

  • Fixed Foalzillas (supersized foals)
  • Taking turns should now work again- sorry about that, I broke it.
  • Several marketplace fixes- results show up properly when no matches (well empty page shows up)
  • You can now stud & buy/sell animals with each other.  Keep it cheap- not much of an economy yet and receiving money will not work until later this evening.
  • Foals should no longer be born if mom is in pasture.
  • New foals should be less strong a bit in base stats- this has yet to be really tested when parents are trained highly.
  • Some genetic & color name fixes.
  • Several other minor fixes & improvements.
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  1. Hi!! I’m soo exited for this game!! I was wondering if you give people permission to ride, groom, etc with your horse. The second thing I was wondering if you can ride with friends. The last thing is are you going to acctually be able to ride and control your horse during compottions? Thank you soo much I’m sorry for all the questions best of luck to you in the future!!

  2. I bought the early release for the new VHR and I have yet to receive an email with it. Should I have gotten an email with it?

  3. The same thing happend to me last night. I have still not received an email.

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