We had a fantastic time! Thank you so much to everyone who came by and visited our booth- we really enjoyed talking with everyone, old fans and new.

For those of you who are visiting us from the festival- be sure to sign up to your mailing list!

Finally I have some photos of our booth and area around our booth here. Unfortunately, all my photos of the horses in the arena across from us turned out blurry.


Festival attendees checking out VHR3D


Your Awesome Game Op “Dragon” (left) – and “Nef” (myself) at the booth!


So many people! Breyerfest sold out quickly, bringing ten thousand people in to Lexington, KY


Viva la France was this year’s theme. These mimes would not make good horse jockeys.


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  1. I haven’t heard anything about VHR2 in about 2 months. Any new progress or is it at a stand still? Interested in an update.

    • I’ll be posting an update shortly. We’ve been working on some stuff for real time multiplayer and other issues, but not as much as we would like to be working on it.

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