Quick Update

Just a quick update because I have not posted in a while, and I am sorry about that! I’m terrible at staying up to date and consistent with any form of social media 🙂

We are currently working on getting our UI design sharp and together. Meanwhile, fixing some odd issues with Asset builds, and working on horse generation. Hopefully by the holidays we will have Early Access up to test certain things like generating random horses (making sure colors look good & come out breed appropriate etc..). There will be over a million different possible combinations… so lots to test! And it is very fun testing… The Game ops and I found ourselves quite addicted to this quickly.

John, my partner in this project, has been working on beautiful procedurally-generated worlds. At first we went overboard and got a bit concerned about the (optionally) 3d part of the world on tablets- but he has been working hard and has it pretty functional & had to trim back on trees and foliage some. Tested it on ipad, android tablet, and even had it working on an android phone. The web-based version of the game client will likely be advised to not load the 3d world as browsers only have so large of a cache. Either way, you will still be able to download a stand alone full version of the game for the full experience. We will still need to build an updater then for this before official launch (meanwhile, alpha/beta testers may be asked to re-download a quick light weight client for each test). Unity is a great engine for multiple platforms! We can even build a linux version on request.

I’m shooting for quality- and this has been challenging and time consuming with so little of a budget- so everything does take time as it hasn’t been my “day job”. I appreciate everyones patience and support! You are all awesome.

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  1. Thank you again for such an awesome game, seriously cannot wait for it to come out and to start testing it. 🙂
    Keep up the good work I can’t imagine how hard it would be to create a fully functional open world game with only two people.
    Thank you for the update, 😀

  2. Hello! I was just confused about a couple of things and would like some quick answers. My first question is, will horse ranch 3d need to be downloaded on computer? If so, please make it available for chromebook, because its not fair if we cant get it! also, please let me know if it will be online because that would be cool but i doubt it. ( Lemme know by email), one more thing, will it cost money or will it be free for ipad? Thanks and please get back to me asap.
    – Horselover101
    ps, the game is looking wonderful!

    • We might be able to do something for chromebook. I’ll check on Unity’s capabilities for that. You can play for free for unlimited time but with limitations on the things you can do- thanks!

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