Hotfix patch 2/10/2019

Hey everyone and welcome!! Server is down for a few minutes

Just fixing a few critical things:
–upgrading server (hopefully this fixes wild horse spawn issues, another bandage fix incoming through)
–Event payout increased by x10
–possible fix to not seeing avatar when player is switching horses in front of you (this is tricky to test by my lonesome)
–Trees reduced- if still issues can reduce more!
–Client side patch a bit later tonight: Spawns new players to random zones to also reduce wild horse spawn issues. I can somewhat manually teleport people to friends until our friend feature is finished (new priority on this now). Somewhat meaning: if it is a friend- from another game or real, and I am online at the time!

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  1. Just a little update on the quest situation.
    So it seems that doing as many quests as possible at your ranch before going riding does help to a certain degree but only slightly. I have reached step 10 Create an Event and have passed it, I reached the quest where I need to level up one of my horses to lvl 5. However, going riding, re-logging, or changing map resets the quest line back to Step 10: Create an Event.
    Also, the same reset happens with the avatar clothes. My hat keeps being reset to the one I had previously put on.
    The tack also refuses to come off when I take it off, unless I switch to another horse.
    The notifications are mostly okay, but they too reset slightly here and there, usually the last few, so I have to check them off a few times before they are all removed.
    Other than that, things are running fine. 🙂

    • Hey there, question on internet connection- is it possible that it could be going in and out?

      • Hmm hard to say. I have a habit of watching videos, or talking on Skype and Wire while playing. Never noticed any dips in in my internet connection during that time in any of the programs. Unless it’s having an effect on the game alone.

        • It’s probably not your internet if no other services are going in and out- and you’re staying in chat in game right?

          • Yeah, everything seems to be fine. No lagging or disconnections in the game while in chat or riding or anything. It just resets things when I got to another map or re-log. The only differences is that it no longer resets quests to the first one but to the 10th Step: Create an Event.

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