Our Kickstarter campaign begins on Wednesday, October 15th!

Update: While we Wait

I am excited to announce that we will be launching our campaign on Wednesday morning. Kickstarter allows us the opportunity to build the game you and I have dreamed of- with out having to give up our creative vision for Orbis Games.


For those of you whom are new and unfamiliar with crowd sourcing websites such as Kickstarter- here is a quick rundown of what is going to happen. For thirty days, we will be asking for “Pledges” and offering rewards for $1 and above. People who pledge are called “backers”- and are constantly kept up to date with our progress and depending on the amount you pledge, you get rewards (such as in game foundation horses, subscriptions, early access) at a fantastic bargain.  When our campaign is successful, the funds go directly to the development of this game. Suppose in a different universe the Kickstarter campaign fails (we don’t meet our funding goal)-  then you don’t spend anything and we would not get anything either. The reason behind that, is we have a minimum amount we need to come up with to build a minimum finished product- and with out that minimum amount, the project may not be possible.

On Wednesday- we are going to share the very important Kickstarter URL – that contains a video and a good amount of information, along with the ways that you can pledge to help us build VHR3D.  Please feel free to comment with any immediate questions or concerns you might have with the Kickstarter process.

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  1. Howdy! So excited to see this kickoff start!

    When will the url go up for people to start their pledges?

    Other question: with “Pledges”, is that going to be something that is taken out of my account right now? Or something that just says I am “pledging” that amount, and it is taken when the goal amount is met?

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hey Bindi- good questions. Hopefully the campaign starts by tomorrow- we are still awaiting Kickstarter’s approval.
      The pledge is taken out of your account upon success of the campaign, so not until after the campaign ends (30 days from the launch).

  2. P.S> Can a person make more then 1 “Pledge?”

    Just curious 😉

    • Kickstarter only allows you to make one pledge per account. We will have our self-built opportunities after the campaign to get additional stuff. I am hoping to eliminate the need for multiple accounts in the game, if that is your concern.
      Edit- also you can change your pledge amount at any time.

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