Pre Launch Goals

0 Dollars – “No Goal”

  • VHR3D will likely not be released until 2016– Since we are making this game on basically a non existent and bootstrapped budget, we will be picking up contract work to help fund this game, thus taking time away from finishing the game. We expect we have at least another 1000 (veteran programmer) hours to put just in to code.
  • Minimal Features include: Marketplace, Breeding, Simulated Training, Simulated Competition,  and simplified Clubs.
  • Minimal Art: What you have seen (horses, foliage), and also one barn and one style of fencing.

Goal #1 – “Crunch Time”

  • Decreases development time drastically. When reached, this goal allows us to focus solely on building the game for three straight months, due to the dedicated consecutive sprint time, this should reduce overall development time by much more than three months.
  • Additional Art:  Environmental objects such as barrels, hay bales, and what ever we can squeeze in.

Goal #2- “Enhanced User Interface”

  • We get professional help for the UI design, improving the ease of use across multiple platforms and beauty of the game.

Goal #3 – “All the Art”

  • Each dollar contributed in to this goal is spent on Artwork & Media:
    • improving horses and animations + more animations
    • foal model/animations (in development – Thank you!)
    • donkey, new pony (not done yet!), and show variation of 3d model (can be blended as well, i.e. stock + donkey will look like a mule)
    • different ranch styles – barn, fences, etc..
    • Sound effects
    • Mane fixes & longer variations
    • Music
    • Horse equipment and objects such as water troughs, and feeders.
    • Additional animations, also for horses to interact with objects above.
    • Environmental & more art/items at launch

Goal #4 – “Enhanced Clubs”

  • Host club exclusive private events or public events from your club.
  • Goals to achieve  among your friends, with in your club, to increase it’s fame and overall rankings.

This above essentially covers our previous Kickstarter campaign goals (minus Kickstarter, taxes & payment processing fees). If we are able to reach these goals, we will open up new goals including our stretch goals. If we don’t, we will add in what we can as we can after the game launches.

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  1. moc vás prosím opravdu moc prosím chtěla bych si tuhle hru zahrát

  2. Is it just me or is it ridiculous how long this is taking. May I remind you guys that there was a pre existing game out there, called Virtual Horse Ranch 3D, that was run by Orbis in earlier years, but then sadly taken down. Why not take that game format and upgrade some things? You act like this is all new when literally this game was out YEARS ago.

    • Hi there. We are using a new & modern engine (Unity) to build a much better game that can be better kept up with current technology- so the game is a new/separate game (the other game would have taken probably much more time to modernize- we already hacked that engine a lot to just make it work online. We are building a game with real time multi player capabilities now.). The new game is working on many different devices, and even web browser (a simplified version- browsers have limited memory cache to work with). We have been using some original resources such as the horses, although they have new textures, layers and improved animations- so that has saved us and has made this possible.
      –> We are virtually building this with almost no budget- and only with two people. Many games take several years to build with teams of hundreds and millions of dollars- we are doing this with the best we got. Star Stables even has a team of over fifty people working on it. We want to have quality work done and be able to compete with out giving up much of our company/creative control. We have two (and some contract workers doing art on occasion), and we don’t have the resources to even work on it full time. I do hope to have early access out by the holidays even with no further money to be able to put in to it.
      The game is not taking a ridiculous amount of time- especially given our bootstrapping circumstances. Feel free to do research on game development times. I’ll be posting an update soon.
      –> Thank you for your concern however- I appreciate it and it is something that needed to be commented on as other people might wonder the same thing as you- your care and interest is awesome.

  3. Kestrel Phoenix

    January 1, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Played the original VHR game a lot back in 2009, glad to see there’s an update coming soon! Can’t wait!!! Came back too and am introducing my daughter to it 🙂

  4. Dear Shannon,

    your Virtual Horse Ranch 3D game Looks awesome! I came across this game by browsing for horsegames. I really hope this game to be online soon, as I love virtual horse games a lot – if they are 3d of course . theres the Point: im from Europe and play SSO with other thousands of horsecrazy People. To reach much more People for VHR 3d Project, it could work wonder if you reach europeans like Germans for instance. Lots of them dont speak or read english. If you can, bring out your Website for VHR 3d in German language too , People can follow you and I am certain lots of them will already buy and Support you – Im not talking about the Kids but grown horsecrazy women like me who do enjoy horsegames such as SSo and RO daylie. Lots of People on SSO are not sadisfied with the game itself anymore, I bet they would love to give VHR 3d a Chance – I will with my next paycheck.
    Is there a broadcast coming soon again? It didnt work for me last time unfortunately…
    have a wonderful day and good luck

  5. Greetings, I am from Australia and always on the look out for new horse sims.

    Do you have any idea of when a public release will be, towards the end of the year maybe? Also if I donate now and say get the Equestrian Package which I’m thinking of, when will my things be delivered?

    I am really tempted by the Equestrian Package but also wary since many times have I donated to games in the making and the games never even got released or the makers vanished after collecting the funds.

    • Hi there, Release will be soft & slow and is starting now- but we still have a lot of work to go. Purchasing the Equestrian package would get you in now and you would have an equivalent reward to play with in testing, and the final reward on official release. Thank you!

  6. Why cant i breed?
    it say
    not subscribe or not ghave ay breedings left

  7. Hi there, I played this game for years, but then it disappeared and much to my dismay I have not seen any updates for a while! It was a fantastic game, even the original version had me amused for hours on hours. Will this game ever be released?! I played it when I was a young kid, now I am 21 and still waiting!! 😀

  8. Just wondering is this game getting close to being able to be played? If it is I’ll buy a package tho seeing it has been years is putting me off. A little information would be nice you can always email me.

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