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Beta Release Notes 1/21/2019

Please post comments if you are having issues or bugs

Bug fixes:

–Chat is back up! Sorry our chat server went down when I had the game updates in limbo and could not update it till now.
–Notifications should now delete properly, under testing
–Viewing your ranch panel after viewing another player’s should no longer display their name and ID
–An issue where buying wild horse catches did not work while out riding has been fixed.
–Subscription time not displaying correctly after purchase has been fixed.

New updates

–New UI is slowly being implemented- some sections have it done, others are the old.
–Private breeds can be distributed
–Unicorns! Very rare unicorns can be found through out the world. Or make a fake one and put a faux unicorn horn on your horse.
–New Shop! With categories for equipment, clothing, accessories and the like.
–Quests! A chain of tutorial tasks for a main quest is partially in and under testing
–Human Avatars! You can customize your avatar in the “Avatar” panel, button provided off the ranch page (barn button).
–Horse Tack & Equipment! Everyone should get a starter saddle and bridle. To get more items, you can visit the store or complete tasks in quests

What we’re working on

-Stirrups and Reins, Western style riding animations
-New UI/Quality of life update
-Bidding on horses
-Options (set graphics level, keyboard settings, sound etc..)
-Music, environmental sound & Sound effects
-Fine turning horse controls (speed/agility limits, jumping, etc..)
-Daily tasks
-Horse Level up system
-Player Perk (level) system
-Community gathering instances (marketplace, racetrack, etc…)
-Ranch building
-Inventory organization
-Ability to have multiple ranches per account
-Fine Tuning Equipment & Avatar issues
-More Equipment/Avatar Equipment – and seasonal/holiday themes
-Dozens of new horse patterns and markings
-Advanced chat & subchannels

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  1. So i have been messing around so far and I have been having an awesome time! It’s just the quests that seem to be glitching here and there but just a tiny bit. It seems that the quest displayed on the screen tends to be a bit late with changing. For example, after completing my current quest I will get a new one in the quest panel. But the quest displayed on the screen will be one step behind. Sometimes it changes immediately when I complete the quest and is shown properly. But other than that little glitch, they seem to be working well, giving rewards and all that.
    The second thing is the equipment. I love having it! But sometimes it glitches a bit on the horses in the sense that it’s clipping on some horses, especially the Drafts. Other times it might not show up on a horse, so I have to switch to another horse to make it appear. But that’s all just minor stuff.
    Overall the update is great so far! It makes things so much more realistic and the quests actually help a lot to get you started! Sooo glad that was added!
    I am loving this game more and more! I is a lot more user friendly with this new update and I feel new players won’t be so confused anymore like before! I hope the community grows even more!
    And of course, I am looking forward to new updates even more now! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Hey there- thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We’re working on the clipping issues, may end up animating the tack/saddle pads. I was not aware of the “not showing up” so looking in to that!

  2. i should have orbs and subscription when will you add it?

  3. My notifactions still aren’t deleting!

  4. So is there a forum or a blog or something where we might post bugs and things that need to be fixed? I have found quite a few things that I would like to point out in detail, but I am not sure if it would be smart to write it here. πŸ™‚

  5. Okay, here is the list of issues that I have stumbled upon so far.

    1. Quests keep reseting. Every time I log back in, or change the map the quests either reset or jump to another quest back and forth. For example when I log in, I will be on Quest Step 1: Ride a horse, then when I change map while riding, I will suddenly be on Quest Step 4: Equip a Bridle or smth like that. Or I might be on Step 5 and then drop back to Step 1 when I got to another map tile.

    2. Tack doesn’t appear on the horse or rider. Most of the time, tack doesn’t show up on the horse at all even if its equipped. Same goes for the clothes for the rider. The hat doesn’t show up. Sometimes it shows up when I initially equip it, or change to ride a different horse, but when I go to another map or something like that, it disappears. I think this might have something to do with the quests reseting, because you have quests that teach you how to equip tack, and they give you some tack as a reward.

    3. While I am riding a certain horse, I can see the copy of that horse with me on it, running around my ranch.

    4. The shop doesn’t seem to be registering purchases very well. Even though I decided to use the 50 Orbs I got at the beginning to buy a 1-month sub, it doesn’t really show anywhere that I am subbed. The same was when I tried to buy an additional Catch.

    5. This might be an old thing, but it seems the notifications don’t work very well. I have had the same notice that my horse placed in a competition for two days now. But I haven’t received any notifications for the horse competitions in the last two days.

    I think that’s it so far. Obviously the biggest issue is with the quests because they don’t really give rewards that well and they keep resetting. I am sorry if this is too much information, but just though I’d put it out there. πŸ™‚ The main features like riding, training, competing, breeding, selling and stuff works well. It’s pretty much just these new features that are troublesome.

    • Nope don’t be sorry! Thank you for this report!
      I think I figured out issues 1-2 & 4 are related to being in 3d world (riding) while performing these actions- I did not test that very well when developing. For some reason it is interfering, I’ll work on it! Meanwhile if you want to bypass it- equip and buy and do as many quests as possible before entering 3d world (riding/visiting ranch)

  6. Hello,
    Here are the main glitches I have found so far:
    1. The quests keep resting themselves. I think I’m stuck on quest 6, the one to catch a wild horse. I have done it twice now and now I am all out of wild horse catches to be able to go to the next level. Each time I catch a horse, it says I have gone on to the next level and that I have a foundation pair I can get. So I try to get the foundation pair, but it doesn’t work. so I try to reload the game and it resets me back to the catch a horse quest, but with no catch available to be able to complete the quest. So not only did I lose the foundation pair, I am now stuck in the quest line.
    2. The other one is the tack. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So far I think I have only seen it work on my ranch, but not out in the wild.
    3. I have also seen my avatar randomly riding a horse around my ranch.
    4. Shockbane Plateau and Dusk Mire is very buggy and choppy, I was stuck there for awhile trying to get back out. So far those are the only ones that seem to go really slow for me.
    I think that is it so far.
    Other than that, awesome game!
    I can’t wait to see everything else in store for this game and for more people to play!

    • Hey there! Thanks bunches for your report. I believe the issue for most of these is that they’re not working (quests and tack) when in the 3d world. To override this for now do as much as you can before going riding. I plan on having a patch out to fix these issues by this weekend, Tuesday at the latest.
      Thank you for the report on the zones as well! That is new information.

    • Wanted to let you know I have given you extra wild horse catches. I hope to have the issue fixed sometime today or tomorrow!

  7. Would it be possible to have some game generated auto events? Right now since there are not that many people playing, most of the time there are no events to enter. Also, my sub has disappeared, the one I bought with those 50 orbs we get at the start, so I cannot many any new events. :/

  8. So, just a small update. I have done what you suggested and I have completed all the quests I could on my Ranch before I went Riding. I stopped at Catch a Wild Horse since I needed to ride out for that, but the tack is now showing up normally on my horses. No matter which area I switch to. Also, the quests are not resetting. Not sure if you did something in the background, but I have been on my quest 8 Enter an Event for a few days now (I haven’t yet completed it, it’s not bugged). In other words, things seem to be working well so far. πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Shannon, Just wondering as a Beta tester if I would be able to access all the things that I pre-purchased as I have only recently just re-downloaded the game and would to have all the excess stuff that I paid for. Thank you so much and the game is amazing.

  10. Will we be able to breed to our own horses in the near future?

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