Week one- First weekend patch is up

See notes here

(also, patch 17 fixes what I broke in 16… entering events)

Our IOS dev/build/test machine has decided to be a real fuddy duddy party pooper and throwing unrelated tantrums… delaying our investigation in to fixing/addressing the issue of the OSX patcher not working. Apologize to all OSX/mac users. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know more. (It worked in Alpha I grumble grumble…!!!)

Awesome first week… I am super excited and dedicating more hours to working on the game. Thank you everyone for feedback/putting up with our dust etc… And wow- Game ops Hawk & Dragon mapped out the entire world.  And those dead zones have been fixed! Over 1000 wild horses have already been caught, setting the foundations for the game to come.

While packs of wild arabs scale cliffs, trees float in the sky… training has been done on both large and small horses far and wide. Events have payed out, I raced other players in the desert… It has all been magical and I appreciate everyone coming and braving our Alpha II release!

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  1. The game is pretty awesome so far, I especially love the beautifully designed 3d world (omg the entire map is so large, I’ve only been to 18 different ones and already thought it was a lot)!! I alos love how you’ve implemented the actual horses speed and endurance when riding (at least my bessie sucks at it but my arabians are great).
    Keep up the great work, really looking forward to all new things 🙂

  2. I am really impressed with the amount of locations that you can ride in. My favorite ones are the swamps. All of them are beautiful though. Very nice job! <3

  3. Hi
    I have been playing the game almost since it officially launched, I loved it!
    Now I have installed a new anti virus program and it has destroyed everything, it said it is a heuristic virus…
    What is this about? Can I somehow fix this? Is my game progress (e.g. all my horses) stored on your server or did it get lost with the loss of the game on my PC?


    • Hey there, that is odd- going to look it up. Probably because it is from an unknown website/publisher and does connect to the internet. All of the information is stored our server so you won’t lose any horses if you had to remove/reinstall. Thank you and sorry about that!

  4. OSX launcher still isn’t working 🙁 have tried on 3 computers. I have sent a FB message and an email with a photo of the error message I get when I’ve downloaded the launcher

  5. is the patch working for Mac’s yet? I still cannot play.

  6. I just downloaded the game on Mac last night, it’s looking good! However, I went to open it this morning and it updated to “version 21” and now the whole program crashes when I click “Play”.

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