Each horse has a unique set of stats, based on its breed and genetics. The white number with the b, is the “base” stat, or birth stat. This is the stat that the horse was born with, and can only be improved in future generations. The green +0 or number, is the stat that a horse has gained in training, or any other bonuses added (coming soon). Stats effect events and map/riding performance.

Speed increases the horse’s map speeds, and it is important in events such as racing and barrel racing.

Intelligence improves performance in dressage and other events. Riding performance is not yet effected by this, but may be in the future.

Movement is important in events such as gaited and dressage. You will soon see this effect the animations when riding.

Endurance is important in any events that require extended activity. We plan on the horses having energy when riding, and this stat will be important then.

Strength will be a factor in jump height, and climbing up cliffs- and of course, is important in most events.

Agility effects turn speed and turn angle. It is also important in multiple event types.

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