Early Access – Launcher now available for download & more

Alpha testers should have received an email today with instructions on how to download and install the launcher. The launcher will install the game and keep it up to date.

A list of new updates will be kept on this page for now: http://www.vhr3d.com/patchnotes.html

Alpha v61 Release Notes 10/18/2016

  • The Launcher is in testing- If all goes well with this, you will not need to install the game again. Always start the game by running the launcher to ensure you have the most updated version of the game.
  • Events are in testing! While we will improve the UI, auto-events are being ran daily. We encourage you to enter horses of all sorts in events so we can get good tests.
  • Wild horse catching- You can now venture out in to the world (“Go Riding”) to spot and catch wild horses. All alpha testers have been granted 20 catches. Different regions spawn different types of horses.
  • Multiplayer is active- you can see each other’s horses riding around in game. We are working on getting human avatar & tack done so you can see each other in another form. You can share wild horse spotting with each other, however if everyone leaves the zone it may reset (?)…
  • Horses that you are riding are beginning to perform based on stats. This is a work in progress. Tap the forward key (W by default) to increase speed. S to slow down/stop.
  • Chat client improvement- you can now see everyone who is online- coming and going (was showing 0 before) . Moderators will not have numbers by their name.
  • Gift giving- we (Orbis) can now alot gifts for achievements, and for special events. Everyone should have a subscription.
  • Several bug fixes & improvements throughout the game
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  1. Hi! Looking great! I am not able to catch a wild horse tough, the world will load and even though I have selected a horse to “ride,” it doesn’t show up on the map & I can’t get it to do anything. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if my internet connection just doesn’t care for the 3D world. I do use a Mac.

    Really excited to play some more! <3

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Everything in the game looks amazing, I wondering how much longer until the game is released to the public would love to see more players on here. Keep up the good job 🙂

  3. Just Curious I Saw A Post About Buying Packages Of $15.00
    I Just Bought The $45.00 Package I Don’t Have A Account How Does This Work?
    And Where Would I Find The Link For That Information About Donating 🙂 I Had A Couple Friends Interested And Would Like To Share That Information With Them
    Thanks I Am Super Excited Can’t Wait To Try The Game

    Alisha Lilly

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