Alpha/early access Game clients down at moment- this is good news!

Hello everyone

We should have a new client with a lot of new stuff (with in a week) so you can play again. Alpha testers/early access people will receive an email. If everything goes well we will enter an invitational Alpha test soon after (Sign up for our mailing list). We needed to test multiplayer aspects and have updated the server code- thus it no longer works with the old version of the game client that you are playing with. I am sorry that this has caused inconvenience- but it just means we are getting a lot of cool stuff done.
If you haven’t checked out our survey about wild horses- do so below in the next post. I’ll be using your feedback to make changes for this next release.

I’m getting excited- yes we haven’t had updates for you in a while, but that is due to our “in flux” state of the game right now. That flux has crossed over to interfere with the server code… it just means we are preparing for more fun stuff.

What’s this about multiplayer? Being able to see other people (well, as their current horse for now) in the world – and sharing wild horse spottings. You’ll be able to race against each other or check each other’s horses out. It will be more snazzy when you have a human avatar- for now, its all ponies…

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  1. So… when should it be coming up again? End of this week? Next week? Next month?

  2. Hi! I don’t understand how to sign up for the mailing list?? Thanks for the help!

  3. Also will include time saving bonuses- more details TBA. copied from one of the donation package info

    ok just curious about the time saving bonuses any idea what we can expect ? can we get maybe a hint?

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