Announcing the development of Virtual Horse Ranch 3D (VHR3D)!

Screenshots of various animations

Screenshots of various animations

We are building the horse game you always wanted!

We have just started the development on a horse ranch management game based on the popular concepts of Virtual Horse Ranch. This new game will be available on most platforms via a web browser, and as an app for tablets (Android & IOS). Some of the initial features will include:

  • Each player will own a beautiful ranch, with multiple realistic and unique; virtual horses.
  • Horses will have multiple stats that determine their success in training, eventing, or just riding round for fun.¬† Some of these stats for each horse will include Strength, Intelligence, Endurance, Speed, Agility and Willpower. There will be numerous colors and patterns! Read below about one of our stretch goals.
  • We plan on launching with at least 100 different popular breeds. Each breed will have its own qualities and characteristics to make them unique. For example, an Arabian will have high Endurance, but might be light on the willpower (Arabian owners will understand!). Possible colors may also be determined by breed, such as Friesian horses will be in shades of black.
  • Training: Train your horse in multiple disciplines from Racing to Dressage. Training will improve stats, and the horse’s skill ability in the particular discipline.
  • Breeding: Work on improving your horses’ bloodlines through our artificial genetic algorithm. Offer your quality stud up for service to other players!
  • Competing: Compete in several different event types such as Racing, Endurance Racing, Dressage, Show Jumping & Western Events.
  • Clubs: Join or create a club with like-minded players and friends. Set your on goals and parameters for the clubs. For example: “Alpha Racing Breeders Club” and set your requirements for whom can join.
  • Marketplace: Work with other players by buying, breeding, selling your horses to improve your stock. This might be a stretch goal, but we would like to have an auction-like area (map) specifically for going and selling your horses to other players.
  • Player- you- the Ranch Manager will gain experience and levels to improve build up your own skill tree- for example: breeding faster horses or more efficient in Show Jumping training.
  • Bring your horse along trails, new maps, and through courses such as jump courses.
 New Horse Texture (a Draft model)

New Horse Texture (a Draft model)

We will be starting a Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks! Depending on funding and your support, we also wish to offer  these additional features:

  • “Layers” (like socks, color, a blaze) on horses to create thousands of different skin types generated based off of parents & genetics.
  • Riding w/ an avatar: Ride your virtual horses with friends, race them on trails and play around in club events.
  • Additional horse animations, barns, decorations, and items!
  • Customize your ranch- place your choice of buildings, items, fencing, and everything where you wish.
  • Train your horses over courses based on related disciplines in mini-games, we will still have simulated options.
  • Compete your horses by completing a course, also with simulated options.
  • Complete “goals” which are similar to quests in some games, like riding a course of jumps flawlessly, or finding a hidden area on a trail ride.

What are your ideas? Comment below!

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Arabian Model (Old Texture)

Arabian Model (Old Texture)


  1. Omg this is so exciting! Will custom colors and breeds be available at some point as well?

    • Nefertete

      September 3, 2014 at 10:06 pm

      Hey there! Yes, for starters on our future kickstarter campaign coming up in a few weeks. Each “custom color” means a new texture design for the horse, and thus they will be pricey. But you could send in a photo of your horse, favorite horse, or a drawing, and we will try to make it exact.