It’s here- Public Testing time!!

Issues- update #2 (I’ll start a new post for this soon)

–We’re working on fixing the launcher for OSX

–If you are having trouble installing- please post in comments or send me an email

Hello Everyone!

Today we are launching the game in “LIVE” mode which means everyone starts with a clean slate/no horses- but anyone can join!  Unless things go very horribly- data will not be reset. Currently the game is only available for Mac/OSX and Windows.

Development/Patch Notes:

Everyone who signs up now (for at least this week) gets 7 days subscription time and 50 orbs to play with (for another subscription month, or spend how you wish.)

For new players:
– Welcome! I’ll be in chat as much as possible to assist with questions and I’ve got my notepad open to keep track of bugs/problems you find.
– Please keep in mind- that we are in Alpha Mode- this means things are not finished. We have big plans and have laid the ground work for big things…
– We are glad you are joining us in our journey!

For Early Access players:
– Welcome again!
-You can keep a copy of the “Dev” game that you have, and download the new game as well. The Dev game has the development data… your old horses and accounts. I may allow transfer of some horses to the Live game if there is a lot of whining etc.. and there are horses that you can not depart with 🙂
-You will need to install the new launcher (it’s prettier) to play the live game with everyone else.
-I will dispatch more Orbs and subscription time again… and you’ll probably get some more when we are officially 1.0 launched …  the amount will be equivalent to the package(s) you purchased.

I have a meeting on Sunday but if you guys keep me busy enough… I will cancel

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  1. says i need to sign up first i’m early access player maybe i lost my pass i cant remember

  2. Shannon…, glad things have been going well! I’ve been without a puter , so I’ve not been around. Can’t wait to get back sand see the changes/ updates!

    Be well!

  3. Tried launching the download, and as the opening screen loaded to 100%, it glitched and didn’t start up the game. All that replaced the loading percentage was this weird long code that stretched the whole line of text. I’m thinking I downloaded or opened it wrong?

  4. Hey,
    I have a lot of trubble with the game. The movement etc is not smooth at all, it’s very slow. Also, my antivirus thinks the game is a trojan horse! So the moment I put my antivirus back on, it deletes the .exe file.

    • Hey there, I’ll look in to how we can not appear to be a virus! We’re working on the lag. For now- you could rename the .exe file or delete the .exe part, then add it back when you are ready to play- or your antivirus program should have a way to allow the program. (it’s safe!)

  5. I am so happy! I have been waiting ever since the first announcement that this game would be released.

  6. As bummed as I am to lose some of my favorites, I am so excited for this! Let’s be real, I had WAY too many horses anyway. Can’t wait to play!

  7. Loving seeing the progress of the game 🙂 Have downloaded and tried to run it however having issues with what I’m able to do, I can’t access any riding etc because anything I try to do I’m just seeing a highly zoomed out piece of land/map.

  8. Can’t get the game to download because my antivirus is attacking it….all of the files.

  9. Honestly this was cool to come back to VHR for… started playing 10 years ago and off and on since. I received your email and squee’d!

    So far, the only big issue I’ve come into is the lag while riding. Currently on a 2.5GHz cpu / 4GB RAM laptop, and I’m guessing it’s mostly all the grass/leaves? I couldn’t access what seemed to be the settings button, but I wasn’t sure if that was implemented yet. Is there a forum to report our findings for the Alpha?

    • This is the forum for now 🙂 I’ll set one up. Thank you for reporting lag… we did some fixes on Saturday and Sunday to address some of the lag, not sure if you launched since then. We can put in options too for graphics (I think we’ll end up doing that). For now we can also take out shadows/water reflections, just less pretty. Lag issues might not get addressed until next weekend

  10. I am absolutely thrilled that you have begun public testing! But I am still a bit confused about what works and what doesn’t. Like, how do I know if training had any effect? Can we breed yet? Also, I think the camera sensitivity needs and adjustment or an option for us to adjust it. Is there like a forum or somewhere where we can post questions, bug reports, etc?

  11. OMG I just signed up, so cool!!!
    I love the environments and also how the different breeds actually behave differently when riding!!
    Ehm quite a bit confused but I saw a help section was on your to do list 😉
    I could also not write in the chat, the cursor was there but I couldn’t type anything… I clicked on my and some other players name and there I could type but it didn’t seem to do anything after I clicked send (where would my incoming messages be?)
    Also riding and catching wild horses (it is sooo much fun!!!) works well but every once in a while it reloads and puts me in a new environment. 😛 Can I specifically do something to do this (or not do this)?
    another question: what changes without subscription (can you even play) ? For example if in free mode (should it exist) you only have 2 wild horse catches but in payed mode you get 10 and you actually caught 5, does it do you get to keep these 3 additional caught wild horses? My point is: does it “delete” anything or simply restrict you in your “future actions”?
    haha sorry for the long message… just really excited and curious ;D

    • Working on the wiki now!
      Did you try clicking in the chat write area first? You will see the text there you type as you type it, then hit send. Private messages bugged out- working on that for immediate to-do list.
      When you go down a trail and leave a zone, you will enter a new zone with new horses sooner or later.
      You can still play with out a subscription, but your options/number of horses etc.. will be limited. You get to keep your wild horses and all horses w/out a subscription but won’t be able to have more if you are over the limit.

  12. i made new account with the i put in this comment when i will recive the orbs?
    thuis email i have like 1500 orbs in the old dev ver

  13. Hey I am able to download the game but I can’t sign up when trying to play. I enter the info for sign up, and it says it’s sending the info but it takes too long. Do I have to wait longer or is it an issue?

  14. Hey there! Is there a place to report any bugs/issues as the game is being tested by the public?

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