It’s Public Testing time – starting before the weekend of October 28th!

EDIT: Wrapping up final things- will be ready for public test ~6pm CST 10/28

Hey everyone!
Finally the news you have been waiting for… when when when?! I plan on having a public Launch (Alpha Test II) ready before next weekend (weekend of October 28th, 29th).  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get word- I’m uncertain if I am prepared to have the link as a public download link- so it might be by invitation only (but you can share the link with friends).

Everyone should get some subscription time, free “Orbs” to get more goodies of your choice, and goodies! I would like to get some good testing on events done, and all the new features to be added next update. I also expect people to find some serious bugs … along with some very cool horses!

Goal store is being removed- all purchases from the update and on out should be instantly delivered via in-game. If you have already made purchases, and waiting for your second round of stuff (your gifts again)- that will happen when I am certain there will be no “reset.” I will make sure everyone gets subscription time.

Thank you everyone- your patience has been wonderful. This will hopefully be the beginning of a lot faster and serious progress!

I will do another post later on listing the updates for this next public test.



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  1. Looking forward to it! I remember when this was first just an idea, I’m very excite

  2. Could you be so kind as to link where to sign-up for the mailing list???

  3. OMG I am so excited, been always following up on updates and now we’re in close. 😀

  4. Hi ya’ll, Have you released the Public Launch? So looking forward for this game !

  5. I’ve been testing since about April of 2016.. the game has always lagged pretty badly for me even on the lowest graphics setting. It will be nice to have more players online, but I’m worried the game may become nearly unplayable for me.

    • Can you tell me a little bit about your system? memory/graphics card? It should be very light weight

      • TOSHIBA Satellite C55-A, 4096MB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000
        Hope thats what you were asking for.. lol. But yes, this only happens in the 3D World. My computer runs Alicia Online perfectly, as well as some games from Steam.

        • Also, I opened the new game and everything is about one second behind on the menus.

          • Sounds like it is tough on your system then- but in 2d mode (before riding) it shouldn’t be… should be okay for a phone someday. Do you have a lot of other programs running?

        • Thank you-Memory should be OK, onboard cards are always a stickler- but we will work to make the game compatible! Might want to try updating your graphics card drivers… might help

          • Sometimes I’ll have other games running, which could be bogging it down. It will get there, and either way, it’s still playable! Love the game. You’ve done an amazing job.

            I’ll definitely update my drivers. Great idea. Have a great day Shannon.

          • If they are standalone/graphical games then yes that will definitely bog the system down. Can probably get away with having a facebook game up- but I would close as many programs as possible and run a test.

    • Also… is this just in the 3D world?

  6. Alright thank you 🙂 I cant wait ^^

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