Thank you for attending the broadcast, that was fun!

If you missed it- you can catch the majority of it here

(Thanks to feedback- the clicking sound goes away soon)

We will definitely do that again soon and throughout the stages of development. Thank you everyone for attending and all of your good questions. Loved the community and support!

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  1. I wasn’t able to watch the stream live because it was really late where I live, but I’ll go watch it now. 🙂

  2. I watched the video and it is looking good! I liked that you changed the layout a little so the coloring is not so gross anymore ( yellow purple and green in bright colors just doesn’t look too good together) but what I was mostly fascinated about was that you created different morphs for basically all the breeds! All these different color and shape combinations and that the genetically right mix comes out when breeding two different breeds together, just simply awesome!
    I am really looking forward to the video where you show how we can ride around in the 3d world!

  3. I just watched it,
    Was wondering when Early Access was coming out. Just bought it then I thought I had it lol.
    Everything look amazing, you and John have done such a good. You should be so proud.

  4. Hi! I missed the live version but watched the video tonight. I’m especially interested in how coat genetics work – it was touched on briefly in the video. For instance, you said that a horse could inherit a blaze or dapples from different parents. It sounds really cool!

    My first question is about socks and stockings (I like horses with a lot of chrome!) How will leg genes work? Let’s say you breed a chestnut with 4 stockings to a bay with 2 stockings. Will the foal definitely have either 2 or 4 stockings, or can it be anywhere between 0-4?

    For custom colors- I plan to get both of mine made after my two real life horses. How will those pass on to offspring? Will there be a chance of a foal getting the exact markings (to therefore keep the custom color “active” in the game)?

    I am so excited for this game! I play Sims 3 JUST to breed horses and I am sure this game will be 1000% better. I can’t wait to combine the visual aspect of TS3 horse breeding with the training and challenges of VHR. I can’t wait for testing! 😀

    • Thank you- and thanks again for your support! As of now- for this example, I believe that there is a 90% chance that it will get one of the parents leggings, and then a 10% it will get entirely new markings overall or no markings.

      For the custom colors- it will be your choice. If you don’t want markings to go on top of your custom color (for example, if it already has markings), then we will make that happen. You get to decide rules on it.
      Hope that helps, a testing project is coming very soon!

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