A brief update

Hello Everyone!

We’re still working on the Mac/OSX fix… a security update for OSX has caused the patcher to not work. We had to acquire a new laptop and are working on it now.

Next update we plan on having horse bidding in, as well as some more bug fixes (like riding while buying wild horses) and more colors, markings and coat patterns!

I’m working on some videos to help grow our community— we got some fun footage at our new years party, mule racing and whatnot. Thank you everyone who attended, was fun testing multi-player capabilities.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. hi, for some reason i cant seem to get the game to load fully anymore….. was there an update where i need to download something new?

    • You should only have to download the new (as in the November/December) patcher once- did you download that or still trying the dev one from a while ago? If you did- does it error out when patching or loading the game/after hitting play? Thanks!

  2. Hi Shannon, I was a beta tester and I recently re-downloaded the new game version. Unfortunately for some reason I don’t have any orbs or goodies, can you please look into it. The game is amazing by the way, and has been worth the nearly four year wait you should be proud. 🙂

  3. Any news on anything?

  4. This game wont even work. Is there a reason it’s so slow. It says it’s in alpha testing II. I didn’t get an email to affirm my signing up, and I’ve downloaded the game and signed up. I can’t buy a horse as it just says SEARCHING… forever and I can’t log in as it says SENDING LOING INFORMATION for ages as well

  5. Hello, used to play VHR2 but so much has happened since then. Wanted to try the new software out but unfortunately it wont work with my chromebook. Any way to have this file accessed through a chromebook? I really loved VHR 2 and made great progress in that game. Miss playing the game and would love to play again. It’s been over 10 years since I last played and VHR.

    Anything helps out! Thanks!

    • We’ve had a few requests for chromebook. I’m not sure how it would handle the 3d world, but we may be able to make a 2d client for it like we plan on doing it for phones. Stay in the loop and thank you!

  6. Hey there! Recently redownloaded the game. I was an original beta tester many years ago, and then remembered this game and was super excited to play again! I made a new account cause I think the old one was deleted. Anywho, I noticed a bit of a bug. I spent 25 orbs to get 4 more horse catches. Caught one horse, then moved to another location to find Arabians. Once I found the Arabians, I was told I had no more horse catches left. So, I bought 4 more. I was then able to catch wild horses indefinitely, only to find out that no wild horses were moved to my ranch. My ranch still only had the horses I caught before spending my orbs.

    • Thank you for reporting this. There is a known bug that if you are out riding and purchase wild horse catches it does not take (but shouldn’t spend your orbs)- but works in 2d world. I am working on fixing this now as a priority issue. Meanwhile, I would be happy to refund your orbs/catches if you lost any- send me email at [email protected]

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