Off the shelf and in to the frying pan!

Hello Everyone!
First off, sorry for the lack of updates. We have some great news now- first thing is that I currently have a lot of time to start working on the game again. My first priority is to add a new chat server, fix a few known bugs (buying wild catches when riding, notifications not getting removed, wrong ranch name showing etc…), and then finishing the bidding on horse feature and getting clubs in. We also expect to have a more friendly and prettier UI. Private breeds will also be in game next update.

And next thing is- a group of angel artists are partnering with us (YHWH Games!, LLC.) to flesh out and help us get our game to a point of release. I’m really excited by what they are doing and what we are coming up with. They also will be doing streams of them working on stuff live- so stay tuned if you are interested in seeing art in action! I’ve attached a hint as to what is to come!

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  1. Sounds great!! Really looking forward to the horse riding feature. 🙂 Although I do hope you will keep “moving the horse around” (like we can now) without rider as well (even if only in own ranch) so you could also only play the horse itself. 🙂

  2. still can’t download on mac. :’C i’m really looking forward to this game. i loved your last game and i know i’ll love thisone.

  3. I bought foundation imports when the game was being developed but I do not have them now? I also bought
    Foundation Pairs (digital)
    $5.00 USD 1 $5.00 USD
    Sponsor Package (digital)
    $25.00 USD 1 $25.00 USD
    Wild Horse Catch (digital)
    $3.00 USD 1 $3.00 USD

    how do I get these items on my account now? I had to make a new one since it was released publically. I used the same email I used when I bought these and still have the paypal receipt if it is needed.

  4. Wow! So I used to play Virtual Horse Ranch 2 several years ago when I was a kid and loved it. Every few years or so I’ve been checking up on this and now it’s finally available to play! I’m so excited!

  5. Cant wait!

  6. so is this game still being worked on?

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