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Our Goal Store will change near the end of June (and many items may no longer be available then). We understand you are taking a risk by pre-purchasing items from an unfinished project, so our prices are currently much lower than they will be at the game’s launch.  

All proceeds go directly in to the game’s development. The more we raise, the more cool things we can get (such as more 3D artwork) and the sooner the game will be launched.
All purchases include a 3 day head start.
Items will be delivered on official launch of the game (although you may be able to play with more features before if you have early access)
Accounts begin with four stable slots and two wild horse catches.
Remaining slots for Alpha testers/Early access: 23

Additional Wild Horse Catch [digital] $3.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #2
Catch an additional wild horse. You will be able to venture out of your ranch and look at an assortment of wild horses, and catch the one of your choosing.
Private Breed [digital] $550.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #3
 A private breed that is exclusive to you. The breed must not be on  our “first 100” horse breed list, and have no conflict with copyrights or trademarks. If the breed was in Virtual Horse Ranch web game as a private breed, it may also be rejected (unless it was you who purchased it!).  If your breed choice is rejected for any reason, we will contact you to pick or invent another. You will tell us what the breed excels at and how you would like its attributes. Includes a custom color.  9/10 Available
Benefactor Package [digital]  $45.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #1
Includes 4 foundation pairs, a one year  subscription account: 20 Max Stable horses, 40 pasture slots, monthly gift of “Orbs” which you will be able to purchase things like foundation pairs with.  Also will include time saving bonuses- more details TBA.
Foundation Pair [digital] $5.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #2
A pair (male and female) of a horse breed of your choice that have no traced bloodlines. These are the horses that start the legacy of your ranch, and the foundation stock for the game. You will be able to select your breed in game
Unlock Pasture [digital] $4.00 USDpasture
Currently contributes towards Goal #2
Permanently unlocks the pasture feature, with two horse slots. Pasture slots allow you to stash additional horses for later use. Horses in your pasture do not age. This also allows you to have many horses without affecting the performance of the game.
Host a Club [digital]  $45.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #4
Allows you to host a club permanently, either a horse club or ranch based club. Invite horses or ranches to apply to your club. The horses and ranches will receive a special emblem signifying that they are approved members of your elite club. Host public or private events, and work towards your custom goals.  More details TBA.
Equestrian Package [digital]  $100.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #1
Includes Early Access, 8 foundation pairs, three year subscription account: 20 Max Stable horses, 40 pasture slots, monthly gift of “Orbs” which you will be able to purchase things like foundation pairs with.  Also will include time saving bonuses- more details TBA.
+Four Permanent Stable Slots [digital] $10.00 USDbarn
Currently contributes towards Goal #2
Stable slots allow you to have extra horses. Horses in your stable are your “active” horses, they are shown on your ranch and may be trained, bred, and evented as you please. Only horses in your stable age. You can only have a maximum of 20 stable slots.
Custom Horse Color[digital ] $350.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #3
We will design a horse pattern/coat how you want it. Want to see your real horse in game? Send us a photo or video of it showing all sides. You can also draw how you would like your special color to look and send it to us- that part is up to you! 20/20 Available
Sponsor Package [digital]  $25.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #1
Includes a foundation pair,  a 6 month  subscription account: 20 Max Stable horses, 40 pasture slots, monthly gift of “Orbs” which you will be able to purchase things like foundation pairs with.  Also will include time saving bonuses- more details TBA.
Grand Prix Package [digital]  $700.00 USD
Currently contributes towards Goal #3
Includes Custom Color, Private Breed+custom color, 200 Orbs, Early Access, 16 foundation pairs (including pairs of your PB), lifetime subscription account: 20 Max Stable horses, 100 pasture slots, monthly gift of “Orbs” which you will be able to purchase things like foundation pairs with.  Also will include time saving bonuses- more details TBA. 4/10 Available payment arrangements available for long time vhr fans
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  1. Out of curiosity will we be able to have more than one account?

    • Working out the details still for that. I hope there is no need for additional accounts.

    • It is possible we can design it to have multiple ranches per one account. I will post if anything comes to light further than the possibility.

      • what happens about all the progress our web based games have made? will we still be able to play the original, or is there a way we can Sync our existing accounts to the 3D VHR? and our current VHR cash and horses wont disappear will they? im really eager and excited to play around in the 3D world. im just a little confused as to how it’s all going to work with our existing farms, skills, levels, horses, monies and ext..

  2. Just wanted to know, is this gonna be like an app on your tablet/phone or can we type it in to a search engine and get to it? Does it cost money to play? And lastly when do you think it might be released?

    • Hi there, It will be an app for tablets (iOS like ipads, and Android tablets), as well as a game on the web that you can search for. There will be a free to play option, with limited horses etc.. but unlimited time. I can’t promise a release date yet- hopefully in mid 2015, stay tuned to our FAQ for these answers as well! Thanks!

  3. Just wondering, when will early access be delivered?? I’m really looking forward to this game and I’ve been a supporter since the beginning. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Laura! I should probably post this somewhere more vibrantly but here it is for now- Likely in early Spring (Feb/March)… still depends on what we can get together here and what I can gather together there… If not by late March/April I’ll be loading early-early supporters up very well, and possibly offering non-disclosure agreements to show where we are at with the game. I really want to have something worthwhile for first impression 🙂 Anyhow, Keep in mind that it is access to the game while we are developing it (testing features, learning game mechanics, helping us with feedback/ideas). Data then gets reset (often things are fixed/changed while in development) until “head start”- for all supporters, then we have a public launch.

  4. It is looking great so far and can’t wait to see future developments! Nice to feel like I’ve contributed to making something. Keep up the good work. 😀

  5. Hello! I’m from Germany and I wanted to ask, if there is a way to support you with Euros? (:
    (Expect sharing, I’ll do it anyways!)
    Maybe I missed some information about this 😡

  6. This is a fantastic idea! I’ve been looking for a game like this for years! I hope you get it off the ground!

  7. just wandering in future will some of the things you have to buy e.g catch wild horses be things you will be able to do on free play without paying? P.S the art is really cool

  8. got the early accses ! thanks
    i hope to see the alpha pretty soon
    i will like to know if we get to enter to the alpha? or just the beta?

  9. Are we still able to get the kick start dyes for virtual horse ranch or is that offer over with? I am really looking forward to this getting up and running!! Looks amazing so far.

    • Did you back the KS campaign? If so, yes, if you haven’t received them already. I may offer something similar up here as VHR rewards for backing us at our Goal Store- but nothing as of now.

  10. David Sheasby

    May 28, 2015 at 4:02 am

    Hi Shannon

    I was involved with the first kick starter that you ran, that was not proceeded with? I looked at the packages , is the $100 still available

  11. Is there any possibility of getting more storage for horses in the form of pasture slots without paying for the entire $700 package? I was considering buying extra foundation pairs then realized that since the $100 package comes with only 40 pasture slots, I could easily go over that number if I’m not careful, not including first gen foals. It’s just a dramatic change from the 2D version’s unlimited pasture. I know multiple ranches were discussed above, but I wanted clarification before I purchased goodies I wouldn’t be able to fully utilize.

    • I know how you feel… I’m a virtual hoarder when it comes to these things. And yes, I think our maximum pasture limit at launch is going to be 100. You can spend Orbs or rewards to reach this limit. From there, we have to see how everything pans out technical and database wise. This is sort of a “play by ear” thing- as we don’t want to crash games, nor crash the server by immediately letting everything go unlimited.
      Unlike the web game, everything gets downloaded to your device etc.. However the pasture keeps all the horses from being displayed on your screen at once, so it is possible we can increase the limit beyond 100- but the data for each horse still needs to go to your pc/device. Even if you load up one horse at time when viewing them. Thanks- great question!

  12. Will inbreeding be possible, and if so, will inbred horses be disadvantaged in any way to horses whom are not?

    • Up to a certain generation, inbreeding will not be possible. Thanks!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! Still wondering about the second part of the question though. 😉

        Have gone ahead and gotten the benefactor package. I’m really looking forward to this game, and as so many others have said in comments, it’s one I’ve been hoping for for a long time, since I too am a fair bit older than the target market for games like Star Stable etc.

  13. is there an age limit for this?

  14. Just wondering, do you have a for sure date yet? If so what is it.

  15. Hey Nef!

    Quick question here. I am really wanting to get the early access but I want to make sure i have a computer that can handle the game. Do you have an idea what the system requirements would be for the computer? I hope BreyerFest is going well for you guys!

    • Hey, sorry about the late response! Hotmail is blocking my emails again from here =\
      You should be able to play the core game with any old machine. Worse case worse, you won’t be able to go riding, but you can train, breed… do all the things you can in VHR.

  16. Do you when this game will be released yet or not?

  17. Quick question,if i am not mistaken the beta testing is going on?,if i purchase a package will i be given the chance to test the game or would i have to wait for early release?

  18. Dear Shannon, just wondering how fast horses will age in the game? And what will happen to them once they are beyond their 20ies? Will they die? Thanks! P.S. You guys do an awesome Job!!

  19. I have a question about the package types and early access. On the announcements page, it says any package above $15 will automatically have Early Access. However, when I go here, it looks like only the Equestrian Package, and Grand Prix package offer Early Access. Would I have to buy one of those packages, or is any package above $15 included in the Early Access? Thank you. 🙂

    • Early access package was $15- and no longer available in anticipation of a public release soon. All you got with that was access to the game early, some orbs, and a subscription while in alpha testing. Once we launched, there was no further gift- so removed the package so you aren’t paying $15 for one month of a raw game. So sorry for the delay in answering, just discovered my spam filter was moving this all to spam! I have answered this with more detail here- http://vhr3d.orbisgames.com/?p=945

  20. Hello, I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of VHR3D for several years, back when the development was first announced. I was wondering if there is still opportunity to be an alpha tester/early access, as at the top if this page there’s an announcement that says there’s space for 23 more. If so how can I get early access/become an alpha or beta tester?

  21. Are you guys still working on this game? And if you are keep up the great work! 😀

  22. I was also wondering if we can use are virtualhorseranch accounts to play with and view are horses? Thanks! 😀 – djcjf

  23. Been following the development of this game for years and finally made the decision to buy a few things including early access was wondering how/when I will receive this stuff?

  24. This is so exciting!

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