Logically, horses are the first animals in Virtual Horse Ranch 3D.  Horses’ base characteristics are defined by their breed.  Each horse is unique, and has a unique set of stats. There are possibilities of thousands of color variations.

Your ranch can contain many horses, the amount of which depends on whether you are a subscriber or not. You can train your horses, enter them in Events, or breed them to create new ones.

Pastured horses are not aged/processed during taking turns , so you can’t train them. It is essentially the stash for horses you want to work with later. Stabled horses can be trained and aged.

Wild horses are not owned by anyone, and can be caught if you have catches available. Everyone will start with some catches, and they are awarded out for special occasions. You can also purchase more at the shop.

Alpha test 2 horse panel

A wild Arabian in the desert

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