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Thank you for attending the broadcast, that was fun!

If you missed it- you can catch the majority of it here

(Thanks to feedback- the clicking sound goes away soon)

We will definitely do that again soon and throughout the stages of development. Thank you everyone for attending and all of your good questions. Loved the community and support!

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Hello all!
This Saturday evening we are going to show the game live on ( and chat with you about our development and features. I will be talking and answering your questions live while showing you the game’s progress. The time for the stream will be 5pm PST/8pm EST on  Satuday, 12/19 . Be sure to sign up on  if you want to chat and ask questions yourself- follow us too!


Join me this Saturday on to check out the game live!

Our graphical user interface (GUI) is underway- Here’s a screenshot of it and a randomly generated mule and a sample of what you will see on Saturday

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Quick Update

Just a quick update because I have not posted in a while, and I am sorry about that! I’m terrible at staying up to date and consistent with any form of social media 🙂

We are currently working on getting our UI design sharp and together. Meanwhile, fixing some odd issues with Asset builds, and working on horse generation. Hopefully by the holidays we will have Early Access up to test certain things like generating random horses (making sure colors look good & come out breed appropriate etc..). There will be over a million different possible combinations… so lots to test! And it is very fun testing… The Game ops and I found ourselves quite addicted to this quickly.

John, my partner in this project, has been working on beautiful procedurally-generated worlds. At first we went overboard and got a bit concerned about the (optionally) 3d part of the world on tablets- but he has been working hard and has it pretty functional & had to trim back on trees and foliage some. Tested it on ipad, android tablet, and even had it working on an android phone. The web-based version of the game client will likely be advised to not load the 3d world as browsers only have so large of a cache. Either way, you will still be able to download a stand alone full version of the game for the full experience. We will still need to build an updater then for this before official launch (meanwhile, alpha/beta testers may be asked to re-download a quick light weight client for each test). Unity is a great engine for multiple platforms! We can even build a linux version on request.

I’m shooting for quality- and this has been challenging and time consuming with so little of a budget- so everything does take time as it hasn’t been my “day job”. I appreciate everyones patience and support! You are all awesome.

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We had a fantastic time! Thank you so much to everyone who came by and visited our booth- we really enjoyed talking with everyone, old fans and new.

For those of you who are visiting us from the festival- be sure to sign up to your mailing list!

Finally I have some photos of our booth and area around our booth here. Unfortunately, all my photos of the horses in the arena across from us turned out blurry.


Festival attendees checking out VHR3D


Your Awesome Game Op “Dragon” (left) – and “Nef” (myself) at the booth!


So many people! Breyerfest sold out quickly, bringing ten thousand people in to Lexington, KY


Viva la France was this year’s theme. These mimes would not make good horse jockeys.


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Day one

Survived our first day at Breyerfest! It has been incredible so far and having a blast talking with everyone at our booth. Gave out some prizes – both Breyers and digital rewards. Our booth is #108 next to Breyer’s. Hopefully my voice holds up.
Taking a breather right now at the Clarion and charging devices…. if you pay close attention to walls, there are clues to find our room. The scene is wild at the hotel now- it is glorius!

Pics coming soon!

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Off to BreyerFest!

Breyerfest 2015
We are off to BreyerFest in Kentucky and we have a Booth at the Marketplace- so be sure to swing by if you are going. We’ll be showing some early action of game play, offering prizes (from Breyers to VHR3D rewards), and more. If you are a VHR web game player, we’ll give you some goodies for VHR!

Over the next few days we will be posting photos and videos of us and activity at the festival… be warned and prepared to possibly see your  favorite and/or most hated Game Mods & myself conducting activities such as riding a mechanical bull. Be sure to follow us on here, Twitter, and Facebook for glory.

Our booth should be adjacent to the official BreyerFest booth at the marketplace- so we shouldn’t be hard to find! However I have received two different responses on where our booth is.. so that information might not be accurate (the other possibility is our booth being near the concessions)

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Progress update, Screenshots with temporary/placeholder art

We need your help! Code is coming along nicely and we want to have Early Access/Alpha testing underway in a month. We need your help to do this- so please be sure to visit our Goal Store  and see if anything interests you. Our goal is to raise $5,000 in the next four weeks. This would enable us to work full time on it and acquire our much needed User Interface (“UI” buttons, backgrounds, etc..) artwork.

Below are some screenshots and brief updates.

Many of the minimum functionalities are complete! All of the user interface art is temporary place holders (stats will look better, and color descriptions are for debugging purposes)

Many of the minimum functionalities are complete! All of the user interface art is temporary place holders (stats will look better, and color descriptions are for debugging purposes)

Minimal game features are much like the original Virtual Horse Ranch features.  The basic game-play part will work on tablets and possibly phones as well. Unfortunately, Unity 5 (our game engine) is not handling the 3D world well on tablets- and we went all out on improving the generated world, so riding horses around the 3D world will not be available at launch for handheld devices.

Simulated Events

Simulated Events are underway as well. Again, the artwork is placeholder art.

We are scratching real-time based aging and updating horses in your stable. Now we are doing it as we do it in the web game- Turns! This allows users to control time at their own pace.

Go Riding

The world is expansive, and also coming together well. Progress on multi-player here is going good too. Unfortunately, this feature will not be available for tablets right away.

So much code! A lot of code is complete for both server side and client side. We still have a lot more gaps to fill in.

Code, Code, Code

So much code! This game requires both delicate client side code and server side code.

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Progress Update, and About “Suitabilities”!

Thank you everyone for your patience! I know a lot of people are looking forward to getting early access and seeing what we have. Right now- we still have been focusing on both server side and client side code to make things work like training horses, breeding horses, generating wild/foundation horses, clubs, and events. A lot of work here has been done- and yay for John’s recent progress on Clubs. With our “no budget” A lot of this is just buttons and results for now- still very cool.

What we don’t have- is much of the “pretty” stuff done yet- and the user interface is pretty ugly in placeholder art. We also don’t have much new in the way of any visuals to show. But I think we are getting to a point where everything will soon be downhill. Especially as I learn more and more about our code base and get more acquainted with it. I love working on it- and wish I could do it full time! I am also glad that I am learning it all so I can make changes and updates to the game as we need them.

Last weekend I added in the generation of color layer data to new horses (based on breed etc..)- and guess what? We are going to have “Greying” as requested! Foals for example might be born black but turn grey- and we are going to hide that from you until they mature enough to see the new color. I will be experimenting to see if it can be a gradual change, or if one day you log on and don’t recognize that black horse you had… It’s all in data/code only right now- hopefully soon we will associate this to the 3D horses (and make a bunch of patterns/layers/colors) so I can show you cool generated horses!

A date for early access? We will certainly have something ready by July for Breyerfest. However I’m working as best as I can to get people who purchased Early Access in for a few days soon to show them our progress. I really don’t want to scare people off in its very temporary state the game is in now.

No Budget

I want to spend every penny possible we get on art. The Goal Store will be reworked soon to reflect that. We are still working on the game “as we can” and have to pay bills and keep contract work jobs. We are considering doing a smaller Kickstarter campaign in July- with the focus to grind off a finished product and to fund money to make Human Avatars for your character. I’ll be poling your opinion soon here on what features we must have done for release 🙂 We can always add in stuff after release as well. We are building the game structure to feature more animal species than just horses ye’ know 😉 Feel free to comment and leave your opinion as well if you wish.

“Suitabilities” are a hidden set of data for each horse that is initially based on the horse’s breed, such as stats- and has a chance to be improved through eventing experience and breeding.

In the original Virtual Horse Ranch – events give bonuses to “Breed types” such as drafts, sport horses, warmbloods etc.. in certain event types. Our Game Master Alabama came up with a new (and neat) idea on how to handle this better so each breed, and line of horses is more dynamic. Each breed now has various “Suitabilities” they are naturally good at. For example- Quarter Horses will excel in Western Events (and have degrees of bonuses in other events), as opposed to all stock horses getting the same bonus in all Western Events. Now, the neat thing is- patient breeders can create their own line of specialty breeds. They can work (really hard) to make their own Breeding line of Thoroughbreds that are bred for Dressage- for one example.

I spent the weekend coding them in to VHR3D- and I think they are going to be pretty cool. They will not be too much of an overpowered stat- for example, a well bred American Warmblood will not win dressage events (because the breed is suited for that) out the box with out training and improving stats to meet the competition still.

As always- feel free to leave your feedback! We love hearing from you.

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We are going to Breyerfest!

Breyerfest 2015


We are going to Breyerfest in July! In April, we will have confirmation that we will have a booth there as well. I’m particularly excited about having the French theme- having spent some time growing up in France as a kid.

We should have some very cool stuff there- more details will be mentioned as time progresses.

I just got all my old Breyer horses shipped to me. Nostalgia! I was surprised that a few still don’t have broken legs. I played with these horses up until a healthy age 🙂

I hear there will be a mechanical bull at Breyerfest.  All activities concerning this said bull, and our community manager volunteers, will be video taped. In fact- maybe even a livecam?

Who else is planning on going?


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Brief status update

We are working as hard as we can on code at the moment- which isn’t as hard as we would like to. Given real world responsibilities, like silly bills and rent, John and I are only able to spend 1-2 days a week on code. Fortunately we have a strong code base that John has been developing over the years, so things are going faster than if we were developing this from scratch.

We are debating whether to try another Kickstarter campaign for less or promoting and refocusing our goal store- so we can acquire more art and have a human avatar riding the horse as we would like. We think it’s necessary too! At some point we will have it, we just want to have it by official launch.

I have figured out how to add “layers” to horses- which is totally awesome. That means new horses are going to have unexpected markings like socks, blazes and such. Or perhaps a totally different Appy coat than it’s parent, yet the same color. Cycled through some random tail+mane and ended up with the below picture of the Andalusian Horse in progress. Still working on that pure “Show” horse model, will be thinning down those legs 🙂


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